Past Group Photos

Strobel Lab Group Photo August 2014

Group Photo, August 2014 Front Row (from left): Cambria Alpha, Michelle Legaspi, Scott Strobel, Dave Hiller, and Ming Chen. Middle Row (from left): Nina Siragusa, Dan Spakowicz, Chad Torgerson, Caroline Reiss, Katie Launer-Felty, Trish Gordon, Katie Smith, and Tanya Berbasova. Back Row (from left): Jeff Shaw, Rob Meehan, and Karen Ruff. Not pictured: Brian Dunican and Madeline Cavanaugh.

Strobel Lab Group Photo August 2013

Group Photo, August 2013 Front Row (from left): Dave Hiller, Patricia Gordon, Nina Siragusa, Jeff Shaw, Scott Strobel, Rob Meehan, Brian Dunican, Cambria Alpha, and Dan Spakowicz. Back Row (from left): Caroline Reiss, Kaury Kucera, Giovanni Forcina, Meghan Griffin, Katie Smith, Michelle Legaspi, Karen Ruff, Linda Zhou, and Victor Kang. Not pictured: Madeline Cavanaugh.

Strobel Lab Group Photo July 2012

Group Photo, July 2012. Front Row (from left): Indu Chelliah, Michelle Legaspi, Karen Ruff, Scott Strobel, Katie Smith, and Carly Shanahan. Middle Row (from left): Tim Caradonna, Jeff Shaw, Brian Dunican, Meghan Griffin, Kaury Kucera, Patricia Gordon; Back Row (from left): Daniel Spakowicz, Jared Davis, Cambria Alpha, Dave Hiller, Nina Lehr, Jose Guedes, and Robert Meehan. Not pictured: Madeline Cavanaugh.

Strobel Lab Group Photo June 2011

Group Photo, June 2011. Front Row (from left): Karen Ruff, Kathryn Dumschott, Alicia Darnell, Scott Strobel, Dave Hiller, Katie Smith, Thanh Vu Erion, Carly Shanahan, and Brian Dunican. Back Row (from left): Jared Davis, Cambria Alpha, Robert Meehan, Meghan Griffin, Durga Thakral, Jeffrey Shaw, Daniel Spakowicz, and Nicolas Carrasco. Not pictured: Madeline Cavanaugh.

Strobel Lab Group Photo May 2010

Group Photo, May 2010. From Row (from left): Thanh Vu Erion, Sarah Lipchock, Katie Smith, Scott Strobel, Meghan Griffin, Robert Meehan, Lori-Ann Boulanger, Carly Shanahan, Aline Simon, and Nicolas Carrasco; Back Row (from left): Jeffrey Shaw, Daniel Spakowicz, Jared Davis, David Kingery, Cambria Alpha, Ethan Butler, Dave Hiller, and Brian Dunican. Not included on this picture: Emily Moore and Madeline Cavanaugh.

Strobel Lab Group Photo, June 2009

Group Photo, June 2009.Back Row (from left): Dave Hiller, Emily Moore, Ethan Butler, Thanh Vu, Tara Gianoulis, Meghan Griffin, David Kingery, Ian Suydam, Alexandra Antonioli; Front Row (from left): Katie Smith, Vipender Singh, Alison Livingston, Scott Strobel, Sarah Lipchock, Jared Davis, Carly Shanahan, Cambria Alpha, Lori-Ann Boulanger, and Nicolas Carrasco. Not included in the picture: Daniel Spakowicz and Madeline Cavanaugh.

Strobel Group Picture, 2008

Group Photo, May 2008. Back Row (from left): Alexandra Antonioli, Mary Stahley, David Kingery, Katie Smith, Sarah Lipchock, Meghan Griffin, Thanh Vu, and Daniel Spakowicz; Front Row (from left): Jared Davis, Dave Hiller, Scott Strobel, Lori-Ann Boulanger, Ian Suydam, Ethan Butler, and Nicolas Carrasco. Not included in the picture: Vipender Singh, Alison Livingston and Madeline Cavanaugh.

Strobel Lab Group Photo, 2007

Group Photo, July 2007. Back Row (from left): Dave Hiller, Ian Suydam, Ethan Butler, Vipender Singh, Jesse Cochrane, and David Kingery; Front Row (from left): Lori-Ann Boulanger, Rebecca Voorhees, Mary Stahley, Scott Strobel, Thanh Vu, Katie Smith, Alexandra Antonioli, Sarah Lipchock, and Nicolas Carrasco. Not included in the picture, Madeline Cavanaugh.

Strobel lab

Group Photo, July 2006. Back Row (from left): Joshua Weinger, David Kingery, Ming Hong Zhong, Ethan Butler. Middle Row (from left):Myun Kwon, Jesse Cochrane, Ian Suydam, Rebecca Voorhees, Dave Hiller, Madeline Cavanaugh. Bottom Row (from left): Kevin Huang, Emmanuel Pfund, Scott Strobel, Sarah Lipchock, Mary Stahley, Alexandra Antonioli, and Nicolas Carrasco.

Strobel Lab

Group Photo, May 2005. Back Row (from left): Ethan Butler, David Kingery, Kevin Huang, Minghong Zhong, Joshua Weinger, Michelle Gill, and Emmanuel Pfund. Bottom Row (from left): Myun Kwon, Rebecca Voorhees, Mary Stahley, Sarah Lipchock, Scott Strobel, Jesse Cochrane, Rachel Anderson, and Nicolas Carrasco.

Strobel lab

Group Photo, October 2003. Bottom Row (from left): Anne Kosek, Mary Stahley, Mark Parnell, Amy Seila, Peter Anthony, and Kevin Huang. Back Row (from left): Rachel Anderson, Kristen Frank, Joshua Weinger, Jesse Cochrane, Peter Adams, Scott Strobel, Kensuke Okuda, Lara Szewczak, and Michelle Gill.

Strobel Lab

Group Photo, April 2002. Bottom Row (from left): Rachel Anderson, Jesse Cochrane, Anne Kosek, Ashley Eversole, and Fatima Jones. Middle Row (from left): Amy Seila, Lara Szewczak, John Phillips, Dana Greenspon, Kevin Huang. Back Row (from left): Peter Anthony, Scott Strobel, Joshua Weinger, Kensuke Okuda, Peter Adams, Michelle Gill, and Mark Parnell.

Strobel lab

Group Photo, April 2001. Front Row (from left): Li Chen, Rachel Anderson, Ashley Eversole, Julia Kardon, Mark Parnell, Amy Seila, and Jesse Cochrane. Back Row (from left): Jenifer Padilla (rotation), Diane Hannemann (rotation), Anne Kosek, Fatima Jones, Scott Strobel, Sean Ryder, Greg Muth, Adegboyega Oyelere, Joshua Weinger. Not pictured: Lara Szewczak, Alex Szewczak, and John Phillips.

Strobel lab

Group Photo, April 2000. Front Row (from left): Lara Weinstein, Fatima DaCruz, Amy Seila, Julie Strauss-Soukup, Anne Kosek, and Rachel Anderson. Back Row (from left): Julia Kardon, Mark Parnell, Greg Muth, Lori Ortoleva-Donnelly, Sean Ryder, Adegboyega Oyelere, Alex Szewczak, and Soumitra Basu.